Gender: A Fun Guide [with presentation/Powerpoint format below]

gender: a fun guide

You can download a version of this comic to use in presentations [strictly not-for-profit only] here.

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10 thoughts on “Gender: A Fun Guide [with presentation/Powerpoint format below]”

  1. It just depends what you want to know someone’s gender for. The only time I care about someone’s gender is when deciding whether or not I might want to have a relationship with them, in which case biological sex is the determining factor. I have no interest in someone’s self-identified gender, I care if they have a penis or a vagina, and thus whether they might be a reproductive option for me. In what other way could gender possibly matter?

    1. You are talking about sex, not gender. A person’s sex is what’s in their pants. Some people aren’t comfortable asking ‘what sex are you?’, but you should, it makes it a lot clearer exactly what it is you are asking about.
      As for gender, well, it shouldn’t matter to you what gender a person is outside of relationships in theory. But we all know it does. You don’t treat women the same way you do men in casual settings. There are things men say to other men they’d never say in front of a woman, regardless of whether he was into her or not. Running with that example, saying those things in front of a trans woman is just as rude as saying it in front of a cis woman. Now whether those sorts of differences in treatment should exist at all is a entirely different topic all together so I’m not going there.

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