The hidden potential of urban horticulture

Our latest research, published March 2020 in Nature Food, demonstrates that urban land could grow fruit and veg for 15% of the population. Read more here:

Edmondson, J.L., Cunningham, H., Densley Tingley, D.O., Dobson, M. C., Grafius, D. R., Leake, J. R., McHugh, N., Nickles, J., Phoenix, G. K., Ryan, A. J., Stovin, V., Taylor Buck, N., Warren, P. H. & Cameron, D. D. The hidden potential of urban horticulture. Nat Food 1, 155–159 (2020).

Published by

Miriam Dobson

PhD researcher at the University of Sheffield. Soil, urban food, allotments, ecosystem services.

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